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Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea

June 6, 2010

Parish, primary school and secondary school combined to participate in Australia’s biggest morning tea, which raises funds for cancer research. While raising funds is important, this event was even more important in acknowledging the people and families affected by cancer, and showing that the community is ready to support them, not just financially, but emotionally and socially. It affirms all people a place in community, regardless of illness, disability or misfortune.

It contrasts with school as an institution concerned only with promoting its own image, catering to clever and beautiful people, and excluding undesirables. There is a boy who was diagnosed with a brain tumour in year 5, and while treatment was successful, it left him with a damaged pituitary and the need to take daily medication for the rest of his life. He was enrolled in a catholic secondary school for year seven, but after 12 months his parents were told he would not be re-enrolled for year 8. This sends a clear message that only clever and beautiful children are wanted in catholic schools, and by the Catholic Church.

Australia’s biggest morning tea was an opportunity to display community support, and Christian love for everybody, especially those inflicted with disease and misfortune. What can the community do to ensure its institutions of church and school also act to support these individuals and their families?